Glozis - Home Decor and Gifts


 When we were founding Glozis, in 2011, we were guided only by unique wish that is to make your home lively, bright and cozy. We have chosen this direction because we are sure  that is home furnishings create an atmosphere, comfort  and elevated mood.

The main task which we had was create not only interest and original home furnishings, but  also such type of production that will be universal and very practical to find its own place in every home.Not less important criterion was a quality of our products (because all products are intended for using in home interior) that must be the best , that’s why materials which we use are ecologically pure and friendly which is confirmed by numerous certificates. These principles guide us in the production from the origins to the present day.

The first décor product was 4asiki wall clock.Clock dial is made from acrylic glass, that provides clocks lightness and elegance. One more polished acrylic glass features are gloss and specular reflection. We try to avoid standard and monotonous forms which are used by wall clock’s manufacturers. That’s why the majority of watch models has figured shape with carved elements in the dial. We appreciate you comfort so our wall clocks have silent clockworks.

 A year later Glozis expanded the range of wall clocks in a completely new principle. New clocks became more bright and colorful due to original patterns on clock dial. Basic material for new wall clocks is also acrylic glass. This new idea is realized not only on milky acril, but also in the black one that looks very unusual. Also range is complemented by equally interesting wall clocks with carved, shaped dial and printed image.


In the fall 2013 we expanded the range with new designer type of items like canvas print. We don’t change the principles and corporate Glozis philosophy that’s why every painting is made from best quality and natural materials. Due to usage of thick natural, cotton canvas with pine modular subframe and environmentally friendly printing inks we have achieved maximum durability of images and to remove canvas slack.

We are constantly working on the products range expanding, but we also don’t forget about packing. Packaging should be not only convenient and safe for transportation, but also presentable. When we make a gift to yourself or close people, we aim to get the most warm and pleasant emotions.

May holiday and comfort always prevail in your home!

Glozis team