Bookends Literature lovers will appreciate the original approach in organizing the workspace. Stops for books are not only a functional device for decorating a stack of favorite works or textbooks, but an original accent in the interior. They emphasize the peculiarity of the external space of the room, will become a tasty element of a person's self-expression. The stand displays an individual, unique taste in the approach to detail. The personality of the owner is revealed in all its versatility, in the desire for beauty, for the love of everything new, interesting and exciting. Stops for books can talk about the tastes, preferences and type of character of its owner, reflect his mood and inner state. An unusual accessory opens the door to the realm of books, unknown stories, unique subjects. Despite the spread of readers and other electronic means of viewing text documents, the printed book remains an actual form for all book lovers. This is one of the main values ​​of mankind, not for nothing did the famous science fiction writer define a worse crime than burning books, this is not to read them. A cozy pastime with the book will be provided by an original stand that meets all the requirements of its owner. Stops allow you to put things in order, fold the books together, placing pleasant accents. Stands can be used to organize books on the desktop, the windowsill, in the bedroom, in the cabin, in the living room or in the kitchen. Stops for books Glozis will become an indispensable element for business people, schoolchildren and students, as well as for book lovers. Original design will find its place in the office, training studios, tourist offices. Stand for books will be indispensable and stylish gift for any person.