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The purpose of creating the Glozis online store was to ensure the convenience of the process of organizing your personal space and filling it with stylish, creative, unusual interior items.

On the pages of our store you will find interior items made from natural materials of the highest quality, originally from Ukraine.

Wood and metal are natural materials that do not go out of fashion, they are relevant in any interior: whether it be a traditional classic, a soulful country, an unpredictable loft, or a Scandinavian style that bewitches with its simplicity.

In addition to the above, when ordering decor items in the online store, we expect that the item will not only be beautiful, but also functional. This is especially true for small apartments, the owners of which cannot afford to buy extra interior accessories.

Glozis ТМ - is a Ukrainian manufacturer of designer household goods. In our online catalog you will find unusual and functional items that will perfectly fit into the atmosphere of your home..


Wall clocks are not just a measure of time, but an integral attribute of any room, be it an apartment, office, premises of bars, cafes, restaurants. Choosing a wall clock is not an easy task. Today, the most popular are wall clocks with a quartz movement and an arrow dial. They are practical, easy to maintain and operate. In the Glozis online store you can buy:

  • large diameter wall clock
  • classic wall clock in the office
  • designer wall clock in the bedroom or in the kitchen.

The original wall clock from Glozis is a necessary and practical gift for a housewarming or birthday. All TM Glozis products are made from natural materials. In production, we use only eco-friendly paints, natural oils and impregnations, so our products are safe for humans and for use in residential premises.


Wall hangers
and hooks

Wall hanger is a functional interior accessory, without which it is difficult to imagine a modern apartment, house, office..

Original hangers and hooks have long been rooted in our lives and have become an integral part of everyday life.

It is a mistake to believe that a large roomy wardrobe will replace a wall hanger or a set of hooks on the wall. The wall hanger has a lot of advantages:

  • saves your personal space
  • provides quick access to clothes
  • helps to keep clothes in order
  • decorates the room.

The range of use of wall hangers and hooks is quite wide. For example, nautical wall hooks organize the bathroom space, fruit hooks will become an indispensable tool in the kitchen, and baby hangers and hooks will help your little one keep their room in order.

When ordering a wall hanger in the hallway, pay attention to the size and number of hooks.The best option is hangers for 4-5 hooks - this accessory is suitable for small hallways.

Also in our online catalog you can choose unusual modular wall hangers. This option will be the best solution for rooms with complex configurations or small apartments.

A well-chosen designer hanger will organize the space and decorate the room.



Bookends, also called book holders, stands for books or restraints for books, are an original and functional decor item, as well as an irreplaceable assistant in organizing literature on a bookshelf.

When choosing book holders, pay attention, they are of two types: One bookend or pair of bookends. Paired book supports consist of two parts - left and right bookend, respectively, books are fixed between them, the number and format of books can be arbitrary.

A single book holder will come in handy if you have a closed or corner shelf. It will serve as a kind of "prop" for books, fixing them on one side.

All Glozis book organizers are made of metal and finished with quality paint for residential use. They are durable, easy to use and are not afraid of sunlight.

Bookends are a great gift for a book lover of any age.



High Product Quality

Modern technologies and love for their work.
Masters who love their work, modern equipment and the best materials from around the world - the guarantee of production with unquestionable quality!


Original Design

Unusual design solutions.
Thanks to the work with various materials, we are flexible enough in terms of design.

To make home decor truly "design", in creating unusual home products, we try to combine two principles: to give everyday things new looks and functions, and also to ensure that our design decisions are not only beautiful, but also Practical in use.

All ideas, without exception, are studied in the design department, after which they are realized in the form of extraordinary decor items.


EKO- Friendly Products

Certified materials.
Since our products are home decoration items, as well as a large number of interior items for children`s rooms, we do not save on quality and pay great attention to materials that we use in production.We work exclusively with certified materials intended for use in living quarters..


Visualization in your interior

We will help with the selection of decor for your house.
It is difficult for you to imagine how a certain product will find a place in your house? - our designers will be happy to help you!

Just send an e-mail to a photo of the wall facade and a liked product for visualization in your interior. Perhaps you want to choose a different color or size for the product - we will make you visualize with these changes, post it on your photo and of course make it happen!