Hook for things is an indispensable thing in any home. After each family there is always something that you need to hang it to dry, for example, outerwear after a walk in wet weather, scarves, bags, handbags, bags, umbrellas, hats and more. This list can be continued indefinitely, because the wall hook can always be used, and especially when they are original, beautiful and stylish. In our online store Glozis you will find many different wall hooks for every taste, for any interior and application. Made of metal, they are strong and reliable and at the same time neat and elegant.

We specially designed hooks in different themes and styles, who would each of our favorite customers find their unique, suitable variant. For example, for the kitchen interior wonderful option would be bright and beautiful hooks in the form of fruits and vegetables that are perfect for towels, napkins, pot holders and kitchen utensils. In the nursery were developed remarkable specimens in the relevant topics. Hook in the nursery is an absolutely indispensable piece of furniture. After all, the child will be very convenient to remove the briefcase from under his feet, hanging it on the hook. Also on hooks you can hang organizers for trifles, a dog leash, keys or shovels for shoes in the hallway; home clothes, decorations near the dressing table in the bedroom and much more.

Original wall hooks Glozis are made of metal with powder coating with eco-paints. Such a product will be absolutely safe for you and your loved ones, as well as will be pleased with the long service life and unpretentiousness in the care. The hooks can be easily cleaned from all contaminants without the use of abrasive products, not afraid of moisture and dust, and can be successfully used in all areas ranging from nursery, finishing bathroom.

The variety of models and constantly updated assortment has already won the hearts of many of our regular customers and we continue to develop that would give you new ideas for decorating your home and office.