Wall hangers What can be simpler than a conventional clothing placement device? Standard wall hooks have long been included in our everyday life and differ only in size and material execution. This subject in our lives is given so little attention that the choice of a hanger is reduced only to a functional purpose. But Glozis offers a different approach to ordinary things. Even the wall hanger can participate in creating the interior of the room, form the first idea of ​​the general nature of the apartment or organization. It is with this object that most often begins any residential or working space. So why not take advantage of this and add fresh notes to it? A wall hanger can be a stylish accent indoors, forming a mood from the threshold. The device for placing clothes can be used not only in the hallway, but also find use in the kitchen, in the nursery. The original embodiment, the style of the product emphasizes the individuality and creativity of thinking. Bright images place emphasis, which is especially important for organizations such as educational and creative studios, catering establishments, tourist bureaus. The details in the interior work to create the first impression, which is so important for the service sector. It sounds unusual, but Glozis wall hangers can rightfully act as a gift. The original chosen theme and the form of the subject will cause a fountain of emotions and impressions. Bright wall hangers are created for extravagant creative personalities who are trying to completely transform the space around, passing a piece of their character to the surrounding objects. The images and themes used give impetus for creative inspiration, movement of thought and the creation of a qualitatively new understanding of the decorative and functional capabilities of the room.